Vertical Milling Head 15HP (Travel 480mm - Up 230mm / Down 250mm)


This conventional gear type spindle is for manual transmission. It can be used for special material machining and heavy cutting to increase productivity. Besides according to users request. We could offer 15 HP or 20 HP as optional accessory.

Cross Beam Guards

The Cross-Beam guards can protect iron filings into the track and prevent the ball screw from damage.

Work Lamp

Work lamp is one of standard accessories in NC machines.

Table (X Axis) Front & Back Flexible Dust Cover

AThe design of telescopic covers is strong and not easy to be deformed.

The Counterweight of Spindle Use Hydraulic Cylinder

It can make spindle positioning more accurate and reduce the screw worn.

Operating Lever

The operating lever can be moved left and right. Its more convenient to use in large workpieces, as an opposite point in processing also.

Electrical Box

In order to assemble and repair easily. We use military-standard connector device.

Electrical Box Heat Exchanger

This device allows the electrical box to dissipate heat quickly and prevent overheating.

NC Control System


NC-Control System by "SYNTEC Company (Taiwan Controller)". For optional accessory, user can choose FANUC or MITSUBISHI controller.

X, Y, Z Axes MPG Hand Wheel

User can choose MPG hand wheel for 5 axes also.

Horizontal (Side) Milling Head 10 HP (Travel 320mm - Feed 100mm / Back 220mm)


Horizontal spindle head is suitable for cutting datum level, drilling, slot milling, and also for heavy cutting. According to users request. We could offer 15 HP as optional accessory.

Air Power Drawbar

Its convenient and fast for user to install the tool holder and collet chuck system.

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